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The Designer 

Born in Sydney, Tatiana was quickly introduced to the nomadic life, travelling between NYC and parts of Europe as a toddler before settling for a few years in the polar opposite, the swelteringly hot and barren mining town of Lightning Ridge, Australia, where her father procured, cut and sold precious opals. 

She returned to NYC to attend a prestigious drama school for three years where she nurtured her passion for film, writing and the arts. Upon returning home, She felt an impulse to start a female led business that would do things differently, combining her love for the arts with her upbringing in the jewellery industry to create Fade To Black Studio. 

Her unique life and wealth of experience is reflected in her designs, which strive to imbue its wearers with an inner sense of both femininity and sophisticated individualism by blending the organic, elemental nature of opal against modern, timeless designs. 

Tatiana currently resides in Los Angeles, California.